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The Sabbath is a special gift bestowed upon the People of Israel. It’s a time of increased spiritual endeavour, which axiomatically means a limited, circumscribed physicality to allow that spirituality to soar.

Everything about the laws of the Sabbath is rooted in the construction, maintenance and deconstruction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle). The Mishkan is in place what the Sabbath is in time; the two are inextricably linked. The 39 categories of externally creative activities that were involved in the Mishkan are where all the laws of the Sabbath are derived.

The study of the 39 categories that are proscribed on the Sabbath is a large area of study with many intricacies. This course is designed to go through all 39 activities in a logical, ordered manner, where we’ll delve into every element of the Sabbath’s observance to attempt to master this entire area of practical law. This will result in a much greater perception of the Sabbath, its benefits and far greater clarity as to how to observe it.

In this series Rabbi Mordechai Goodman, director of Jewish Education in Manchester, guides us through the complex concepts that are key to observing the Sabbath in a way that’s eye-opening and life enriching.

It’s our hope that you will be very enriched by following this unique series.

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Rabbi Mordechai Goodman Rabbi Mordechai Goodman Author

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