Rabbonim & Mechanchim Philosophy Course

A course specifically tailored for, and open to; Rabbis, Seminary deans, lecturers/educators, community leaders and school teachers who want a thorough grasp of a wide breadth of Jewish philosophical concepts in order to relate these to others clearly and succinctly based solely upon Torah sources.

Congregants, council members, students of any level or those one is mentoring or counselling who have legitimate queries deserve authoritative, rapid, clear and concise responses that are easily understood and acted upon.

Utilising sefer Derech Hashem as a springboard for the topics and structure of the course, corollary concepts are presented, defined and elucidated. This course goes deeply into source texts and related concepts. All material is presented with an approach to relate these concepts to those who are as yet unaware of them, or who have not yet appreciated the depth and complexity involved in their query.

Written and oral evaluation at the end of each section ensures comprehension and tests the ability to clearly transmit the material learned.

In this audio series Rabbi Mordechai Goodman, director of Jewish Education in Manchester, guides us through the profound and meaningful concepts that are so eye-opening and life enriching.

It’s our hope that you will be very enriched by following this unique series.

Course Instructor

Rabbi Mordechai Goodman Rabbi Mordechai Goodman Author

Rabbonim & Mechanchim Philosophy Course


£30 each term

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